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Planet Crafter Beginners Guide

Know your HUD

While you're playing the game, there are 3 screens you're going to get very familiar with. 

The first is your Heads up display! All your basic gameplay information is displayed right here. 

At The Top left, we have quests. The first steps quest is a series of steps created to help you learn the mechanics of the game. It doesn’t matter what order they are completed in, you can do them any way you want.  You can even ignore them if you wanted to, but they won’t go away until you complete them. 

Bottom left of your screen, we have our character stats.  Your health bar is a mixture of food and any damage you might take in the game.  Now at this point in early access, it’s difficult to take damage. But fall from a high enough ledge … and you’ll see what I mean.  Now because this stat is a mixture of damage taken AS WELL AS your hunger. It will keep ticking down. You’ll need to eat regularly to keep this bar up. You can find a few food packets in the drop pod's storage chest when you start out, but those won’t last you long.  You can find more food in various wrecks and chests scattered throughout the planet.  Eventually, you’ll have to start growing your own food. But the food grower is only unlocked by advancing the oxygen stats seen on your terraforming screen.  You can find your first seed in your drop pod's storage chest. Water is our next stat,  it ticks down faster than your food bar so it’s important to keep an eye on it.  Luckily there is enough ice laying around to keep your thirst quenched.  Using your multitool left-click on a piece of ice to pick it up. Then using your crafting station, craft yourself a bottle of water.  To drink just right-click the water bottle in your inventory. Bottles of water and Oxygen canisters fill each bar completely. Oxygen is our last stat … and it’s simple when it runs out. You're dead. 


Now depending on the game mode, you selected when you started. One of a few things will happen, either your items or save file will be deleted, Orr if you're playing a standard mode they will drop on the ground. Just loot the blue chest that shows up on the spot where you died. If you hit the Q button you’ll open up your build menu but your gonna need to craft a construction chip before you can.  The quest steps actually prompt you to build one as seen here.  Just build it using the crafting station in your drop pod, and equip it to your gear bar by hitting the TAB button to open your inventory. When you start out you have one row for gear and a very limited inventory. Both of these can be upgraded by unlocking higher their backpacks and an exoskeleton which will allow you to equip more gear to your character. 


pc HUD PIC.png

The Drop Pod

The first 2 items we’ll create are the tier 1 backpack which will add an Additional 4 slots to our inventory. Then we’ll craft the O2 tanks. These tanks will increase our O2 bar to 145. It’s important not to mistakenly confuse the O2 canisters for O2 tanks. O2 canisters are a consumable that will completely refill your O2 bar.  


TIP: while exploring make sure you keep an O2 canister in your inventory just in case of emergencies. 


To check what resources we will need, click the crafting workbench and highlight the item. The required resources will show. Once you have both the backpack and O2 tanks make sure you equip them to your gear slots by left-clicking on each in your inventory. The next item to craft on the list is a construction chip. We need this equipped to be able to not just pull up our craftable blueprints like structures but to build them as well. Just make sure you equip the construction chip to your gear slot or it won’t work. 


 Now as tempting as it may be to start building a base. We will not be building it here. This location will become a lake once the ice starts to melt. Instead, look for this formation of rocks and head there. Just make sure you have enough resources in your inventory to build a quick base. For this, you’ll need 


3 iron

2 titanium

1 silicon



This will give us a quick pop-up base to refill our oxygen when it runs low.  And it’s a good idea to have these resources whenever you explore too far away from a base. It’s just too easy to get carried away. 

The Planet Crafter Screenshot 2022.06.23 -

Power Sources 


For power, we start with a wind turbine. This will cost 1 iron.  It doesn’t matter where we put this down. Power sources in planet crafter are global and will affect any structure anywhere on the planet.  It’s important to note, that inside your buildable blueprints screen. You need to check the power outage for each source of energy like a wind turbine. You can find this information right here. 












It’s equally important to check energy needs for buildable equipment like drills for instance, and you may need to build more power sources. If your power usage exceeds the power you create from things like solar panels and wind turbines your power will go out. If your power goes out, things like terraforming equipment will stop working until you build more sources of power. However, O2 in your base and your crafting station will still work. You won’t die from the power going out, but it is a pain in the butt. 


Final Steps

Our final steps are to build a drill to start creating pressure in the atmosphere and eventually get a blue sky. As well as a vegetable to produce oxygen. The vegetube will grow plants that will produce oxygen for the planet. You’ll start out with a basic seed that you can find inside the storage chest in your drop pod. Each tier of vegetube will produce up to so much O2 per second. As you would guess higher tier vegetubes will produce more O2. Some seeds you will find through exploring may have modifiers on them. This will increase the yield of O2. Placing plants with the highest modifiers in the highest vegetube you can make will give you the most bang for your buck.  You can check how much each vegetube produces by checking the stats in your blueprint screen right here. Lastly, we need to heat the planet. Not only does this increase our terraforming goals. It also will melt ice that’s blocked cave systems revealing new areas to explore. To do this we will need to find iridium. Iridium can be found in several cave systems, and by breaking down heaters discovered while exploring wrecks. For this, we will be using the iridium mine which can be found by looking for the falling sand. Right here.  












Make sure you have enough items for a pop-up base and head there. Once inside drop your base and look for the glowing red crystals. This is iridium right here. 

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